Watch Sporting Events at Driftwood

Watch Michigan game at Driftwood

If you want to go out to watch sporting events, and can’t or don’t want to see them in person, then the best place to watch them is at your local Pub!  There is something special about watching the game at the bar. Enjoy a fresh brew with friends as you cheer for your team. However, atmosphere matters when watching a game. Let’s face it, some bars have a better atmosphere than others. You don’t want to celebrate and cheer on your team in a dingy bar. You want action! Along with it; great appetizers, good food, cold beer, and tons of TVs so you can catch every angle. Fortunately, you have found the right place!

Watch Sporting Events

Driftwood is equipped to handle any sporting event. The entire restaurant is decked out with flat-screen TVs, from the bar to the dining area. That means that you can watch the game from anywhere in the restaurant. All the TVs can be changed as well, setting them to play multiple games at the same time. However, nothing is better than having the entire restaurant watching the “big game!” Whether you are watching Michigan win the national championship or the Lions destroy the 49ers next year, take it all in at the Driftwood in Novi!

All Seasons Sports Viewing

Winter, summer, spring & fall, the Driftwood in Novi shows them all. In addition, you can catch a game and have a great view of the all-sports Walled Lake! Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, the Olympics and more!

Eat, Drink, and Go Crazy!

The Driftwood Bar & Grill offers the best quality food and drinks in the Walled Lake area. From great appetizers to delectable desserts, Driftwood can satisfy any customer’s tastebuds! If there is a game on the early weekend, patrons can enjoy Driftwood’s exclusive brunch menu. Without a doubt, you are guaranteed to feel fully satisfied by dining at our restaurant.

Game days are great at Driftwood Bar & Grill. So, join us for the next big game!