Top 3 Spicy Dishes at Driftwood

Top 3 Spicy Dishes at Driftwood

Want to know the top 3 spicy dishes at Driftwood Bar & Grill? Everyone’s tastebuds are unique. Some people like their food prepared in different ways. While some people can’t take the heat, some people like their food extra spicy. However, most standard restaurants cannot give spicy lovers what they want. Most of the time, people have to resort to going to specialty restaurants. At Driftwood Bar and Grill, we pride ourselves on making cuisine that everyone can enjoy. So, for our spicy lovers, here are the top 3 spicy foods that can get at Driftwood.

Inferno Burger

Ready for a spicy burger that will set your tongue on fire? The Inferno Burger is one of the spiciest dishes on the menu. Our burger is given a Cajun seasoning rub to start the spicy parade. These sandwiches include jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and house-made spicy mayo. Customers can enjoy four levels of appetizing fiery delight.

Baja Tacos

When it comes to tangy and hot, you can always count on our Baja Tacos to hit the spot! Baja Tacos has a dusting of cumin and is full of spicy cabbage slaw. Each taco seasoning includes chipotle mayo, lime, and pico de gallo.  Customers get a choice between succulent grilled shrimp or chicken to bring the combination together. Each order of Baja Tacos comes with a serving of rice!

Ahi Tuna

Sometimes, you just want to start your meal with spicy! Ahi Tuna is one of our signature appetizers. While Ahi Tuna seems to clash with the traditional bar and grill style, this appetizer is top-tier. This dish has sashimi-grade Ahi Tuna, which is pan-seared and encrusted with peppercorn. In addition to this sashimi-grade tuna, the dish’s servings make this food perfect. You can enjoy eating your Ahi Tuna with our special ginger soy sauce and wasabi dijonnaise. If you are looking for a refreshing dish with a spicy tang, you can always count on this dish to satisfy you.

Eat These Spicy Dishes Today!

These are the top 3 spicy dishes at Driftwood Bar & Grill. However, it does not mean they are only tangy hot meals at Driftwood. Some spicy favorites include the Kickin’ Avocado Chicken, Jumbo Wings, and so much more. Driftwood can satisfy all types of food preferences! In addition, customers can enjoy a wide variety of spirits, wine, beer, and other drink options. So, come down to Driftwood Bar & Grill and add a little spicy to your life.

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